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How To Change A Flat Front House

    One of the best ways to add depth and add a little extra intrigue to a house with flat roof is by getting a sun shade. Getting an awning in front of the home is a good way to add some curb appeal to your flat fronted home. Putting some shutters up on your home gives your homes front a little bit of dimension and adds some serious curb appeal. You can further increase curb appeal by having an electrician, such as one from Santella Electric, install some awesome landscaping lights.

    Consider adding lights on your porch, above your front door, around your garage, and along your walkways for added accents. If you have the budget, you could even add a front porch to create size on the front or sides of your home. More specifically, for the front porch, heres what you can do with one that will help to enhance your homes curve-to-curve charm. Adding elements such as shutters, front porches, and landscaping also creates a different texture on your house, giving it a little extra character.

    You could also just opt for painting your doors or parts of the house, if you are not looking to spend much, but you still want to add some freshness. Whether you own a contemporary or heritage home, there are both easy changes and bigger changes that you can make–from windows and sidings, even the color of the front door–to help boost the sellability of your home, so it is worth exploring your options. If you are living in a period property and want to bring the outside of the home back to its previous glory, then browsing salvage yards for doors that match your homes style and period is a great bet, as is commissioning a seasoned joiner to build a new one that replicates the originals perfectly. Whether it is choosing a new front door, or re-shaping and painting the one on yours, it is an inexpensive, simple, and often DIY-friendly way of improving the exterior of your home.

    If you prefer to do nothing extra to your house, one very easy upgrade is painting the front door with an eye-catching color. The contrast of colors from the front door to the outside of the home will create a sense of depth and interest that is an immediate improvement.

    If you live in an avenue that has very consistent types of houses, you should try to keep your front door in line with the houses around you, if at all possible. If your garage doors are easy for you to see from the road, then they should match the architectural style of your house as much as possible.

    Sidelights on either side of your homes doors would be nice, and ensure that you have adequate exterior lighting. If you have a lawn, keep it tidy and tidy, whereas all types of homes would benefit from having a wall light near the front door, or highlighting front paths and plants to make your house very attractive at night. Adding some structure to the exterior of your house really helps the depth of interest created by the outside of the home.

    If you are looking to add curb appeal to a house that is all flat on the front, you are going to be doing some work differently than you would be if your homes facade had a bit of depth. If you have the time and the budget, you can significantly improve curb appeal for a flat-front home with small additions, like a front porch arbor, a trellis-style pergola, or an eybrow, or a portico on your front porch. Even a small portico placed over your front door supported by L-brackets instantly adds dimension and becomes a focal point for the front of many homes.

    Adding a portico–or small roof supported by columns–to your front door, like Georgia-based bloggers at Southern Hospitality, is akin to building a small verandah. Adding a porch to your homes front will give character to an otherwise bland facade, while also providing additional, practical indoor storage. Adding a porch or verandah to your front door, or changing your awning, will make for a lovely entryway into your house as well as a nice space for you to sit back in.

    After taking a look at the whole house from the street, the next thing to impact the curb appeal is your front entryway. The primary portal into your home, your front door can be a powerful symbol for potential new homeowners, so spend time choosing a bold, fun color that will pop off the wall and draw the maximum amount of attention. If you have created an attractive-looking hardscape leading up to your front door, that is certainly something a lot of people are going to notice and find appealing.

    Since the door is such a main focal point in a split-level house, consider replacing it with something with a little bit more character, or at the very least, painting it. If your house still has a base steel garage door from the time you built, that is another opportunity to add some character and curb appeal. If you are hesitant about painting your homes garage door, at least make it a little brighter by cleaning it well and making your other fixtures glow.

    A tired-looking, ancient mailbox that looks just like all the others on your block–or an aging, beat-up 1960s military-style one–can be easily upgraded with a fresh, shiny version, which might not be the main piece of your curb appeal, but it still will contribute to the new look for your homes front. Making (or buying) a few window boxes to throw under your windows is an easy, quick weekend project thatll significantly freshen up the front of your house. A little overhead coverage is appreciated when trying to enter a storm, but more importantly to our purposes, an over-the-head entryway can work wonders for the homes curb appeal.

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