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Does Aaa Change Flat Tires At Your House

    If you want AAAs tyre service, you must be an AAA member. So, whenever you need the service, you have to show up. If you are a member of AAA, the Roadside Assistance to help you with your flat tires is free up to four calls a year.

    Depending on how badly you have damaged the tire, AAAs roadside assistance may install your spare tire, re-inflate the tire, or tow the car. AAA does not provide the tire, and AAA will not install a replacement that is not properly inflated or considered unsafe by a technician. AAA will either install the replacement, inflate the tire, or use a tire inflation kit provided with your car, or take you to a tire shop, but it will never replace a tire under Roadside Assistance.

    While AAA will replace a flat tire for a spare tire at home, you must get a tire repair for your flat at a tire shop. If you need your tires replaced rather than simply changed, AAA will drive you to the tire shop and have the tires replaced. While a tow to a tire shop is included with your AAA membership, the cost of a new tire is not. If you need to have your tires plugged, an AAA tow trucker will drive you to a tire shop, since a tow truck driver cannot do that at the curb.

    In this situation, you may want to avoid the time wasted on the tow, and instead, let a AAA Mobile Battery Service Technician arrive at the location, testing the battery and electrics. If you used AAAs non-towing services, such as having them replace your flat tires, jumpstart your batteries, or return your locked vehicle. From towing your vehicle to helping get you back in your vehicle after locking yourself out, AAA is your one-stop shop for all of your roadside service needs.

    AAA offers a variety of roadside assistance services, from towing, battery and fuel deliveries, jump starts, and most commonly, flat tire services. Whether you are broke down on U.S. soil or Canadian soil, AAAs Roadside Assistance Program can get you back on your way whether you need fuel delivery, battery jump-start, a flat tire replacement, a tow-in service, or a ditch-digging. This may be disappointing if you are used to AAA, which allows you to call roadside assistance for any vehicle you are using, even if you are not the driver. If you are a AAA member stranded on the side of the road and in need of help, you can either use the AAA mobile app or call 800-AAA-HELP (800-222-4357).

    Depending on the membership plan that you choose (Classic, Plus, or Premier), you will be entitled to a preset number of AAA Road Service resources, up to a maximum of 4 Road Service calls annually per AAA cardholder. AAA will verify your membership, confirm they received your request, and dispatch assistance, finding you and your disabled vehicle using the GPS of your mobile device. As an AAA member, you may qualify for extrication and winch services provided by AAA, which can return your vehicle to a safe location and put you back on the road. Your AAA technicians will try to perform minor repairs on your vehicle at the scene, and will return your vehicle to the street, if safe.

    If the certified AAA technician determines your vehicles spare tire is unsafe, your vehicle may need to be towed to a certified repair facility for replacement or tire repairs. If your vehicle does not have a spare tire/dunk, you may want an AAA technician to inspect the condition of your existing tire to see if it is capable of holding air. Whenever you experience a flat, an AAA certified technicians will arrive and set up the spare tire on your vehicle.

    A AAA Service Provider will come out to your car and install the spare tire, so you can keep driving. The AAA service vehicle will go to the vehicle and replace the tire that is flat with your spare, at no cost to you. Yes, AAA can change or mount your spare tire very easily, but the stipulation is you have to have your spare tire completely operational in order for it to mount, since AAA does not carry tyres.

    Yes, AAA can add air to your tires and whether you are home or out and about, you can call AAA and they will fill up your tires. Once you have an AAA membership, if you are stuck with a flat tire, you simply need to call AAA and AAA will install a replacement tire, reinflate your tires, or take you to a nearby car dealership, all totally FREE. No, AAAs tire service cannot bring you a spare tire for your vehicle, but they can assist in taking out the flat tire and installing the spare if you already have one in the vehicle, but sadly, most of the modern cars do not come with spare tires, so if you are among these unfortunate people you can call AAA and they will tow you to the nearest automotive center so you can either have the tire repaired or replace the tire altogether. No, AAA terms of course state you have to get your spare tire repaired, then you can either replace it yourself, or just call the Mobile Tire Dealers and have them fix the new one.

    AAA also takes care of your RVs tires and your motorcycles tires, if you buy optional coverage for these types of vehicles. Depending on the amount of tire damage, AAAs roadside assistance service will be able to install a replacement part or tow your vehicle.

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